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   Introducing the Cryptographic Mobile Phone And Modem

 We are glad to provide you with information regarding the new concept of Crypto Mobile Phones. This topic is certainly of interest to you, since privacy breach is not acceptable.

 There is a straightforward solution: Do not involve a 3rd party to your private affairs. This can only be achieved by absolute dedicated, P2P, direct, private and encrypted dynamic connection to friends and family members; which is the complete opposite to centralized telecommunications in which everyone participates today.

 Centralized, decentralized or distributed; all these concepts are not the solution. The only solution, as it is the case with Decibit Cryptophone, is for friends or family members to open a unique and dedicated tunnel for the time duration of talk or file transfer.

 By refusing to use the paid service of a centralized entity, that records your history, not only do you protect yourself from a potential detrimental future outcome with ill effects on you, but you also save since no calling costs are involved.

 Calling and connecting together either locally by wireless means, or through the use of the internet worldwide, there is no limit to use your personal mobile phone no matter where your family or friends are. For more details please refer to the brochure.

 Now it's up to you to choose stop using public monitored centralized telecommunications and start taking matters in your own hand by having and using your own independent and private encrypted P2P voice and data links.


 Our company was established in early 2007 and had been providing 2.4 GHz related wireless products. Our broader expertise are in the areas of: smart card operating systems, protocols and applications; analysis and implementation of cryptographic algorithms and concepts; wired and wireless communications including RF amplifiers; electronics and PCB design; microcontroller and PC applications.

 Our relation with customers is based on mutual respect, centered on quality and friendship. Our business is currently located in Thailand for easy postal distribution worldwide.

   Downloads Section

Click to download the combined Brochure/Manual/Datasheet here:

To configure and for advanced access to your mobile phone, click to download the 32-bit Windows application:

Windows driver is installed automatic by Windows. In case the driver can also be downloaded from here:

   Mobile Phones

 All Cryptophones are P2P voice encrypting devices using triple DES. On top of it, the wireless link itself is AES-128 encrypted. Session key is transported using 2048 bits RSA. The phone operates as a modem for data transfers, when connected to a Personal Computer via USB cable.

     Short Range

 RF output powers comply with FCC and ETSI regulations for ISM and SRD bands. These devices are good for several hundred meters of reach with long battery life for within a house, a garden, between nearby buildings. Ideal to use as modem device. A model for each frequency band of 315, 433, 868, 915 MHz is available.

     Long Range

 The 1.5 Watt model of the Cryptophone is in the equivalent power class of a 2 Watt standard GSM-900 mobile phone. Area coverage is in the range of several Km of radius. Available only for 915 MHz band.


 All models are able to call worldwide through the internet. Please refer to the brochure for more information.


 Optional 1.5 Watt power amplifier RF-001W for 700..1000 MHz can be placed on a desk for more range for the short range devices.

 Optional 112 Watt power amplifier RF-112W covering 860..980 MHz can be mounted on a roof for maximum reach, which is equivalent to a GSM base station amplifier. Not licensed for use in United States and Europe.